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Do Not Attempt This On Your Own

Even though it might be tempting to try and remove a damaged tree yourself, it’s not worth the risk! Tree removal is can be hazardous. If carried out improperly, tree service can result in personal injury — and in many cases significant property damage. For all those factors, tree removal ought to be left to licensed and certified tree service professionals. It is the safe choice as well as the intelligent one — for you as well as your property.

Selecting An Arlington Tree Removal Company

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Removal of a dead or dying tree in your yard could have a big effect on the health and security of your property. Professionally done tree removal will help ensure that your lawn, shrubs and nearby trees remain healthy. Professional tree service will protect your home, business, or property if an unhealthy tree falls. At Stokes Tree Solutions, our tree removal professionals have many years of experience, and they are specialists in all areas of tree service and removal.

Tree removal is often a technical and delicate process. As a business or home owner, you may be held legally liable if the contractor you choose is unlicensed and is injured while removing a tree from your property. Too frequently, when unlicensed contractors cause damage to personal property, they’re suddenly nowhere to be found so it’s difficult to hold them responsible. Even simply transporting the removed tree can lead to a liability issue if it is not handled by experienced and licensed professionals. At Stokes Tree Solutions, we are a local, fully insured and licensed tree removal company.

Just When is the Best Time of the Year for Tree Removal in Arlington?

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When a tree represents danger for your property, the tree needs to be removed as quickly as possible. It should be removed before it could fall by itself and potentially cause property damage. In cases where there is not any immediate danger, an excellent time to remove trees in Arlington is during the winter months. Because the ground is cold, tree removal in colder temperatures will result in the minimal amount of damage to other plant life. And, winter is generally not a busy time of year for tree service and removal companies, so getting the tree removed normally can be achieved quickly.

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Arlington Tree Service Tips

What Trees Do The Best In Arlington?

The best tree to plant varies widely based on the location where the tree will be planted. Factors with the greatest impact include: the degree of direct sunlight, the proximity to septic fields/water sources, the amount of wind (if there are various other items nearby blocking some of the wind or not, as well as whether their limbs could cause damage, etc). Once you choose the location you would prefer the tree to be placed, verify if the spot is near a water source. Also, determine the sun exposure (nothern,southern/eastern/western), and check out the soil in that location. Factors such as these will help establish the best tree to plant on your specific property. In a nutshell: tree plantation should not be a last-minute choice or you may need to have the new tree removed or trimmed in the near future. We would strongly encourage you to get professional guidance before planting a new tree. At Stokes Tree Solutions, we’ll provide free advice to assist you in finding the right tree for your property and this will save you money and time in the long run. We offer free guidance and advice on all tree related topics, and take pride in assisting people make the best tree-related decisions possible.

What are the Most Common Trees in Arlington?

Red maple, American beech, and Tulip trees are the most frequently found trees in Arlington.
The official state tree of Virginia is the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida). Fun fact: Virginia is the only state to have the same plant for its state tree and state flower. You can use it to treat dogs with mange, which is considered to be the origin of the “dogwood” name. The tree’s red berries, while edible, are definitely not tasty!

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Plant Hardiness Zones in Virginia

Here are the plant hardiness zones for the state of Virginia as supplied by the USDA:

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