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Services: Tree Fertilization

Tree-diseaseTrees often require fertilization during in their life span. Remember, most trees’ natural environment is the forest. There nutrients are continually recycled as leaves and other plants, and even animal material, fall and decompose on the forest floor. When you put a tree in a landscape setting, it may be deprived of these nutrients.

One thing you can do is try to recreate the tree’s natural environment by providing mulch rings. Most people, however, will not be able to mulch their whole yard! Fertilization is needed by many trees to replace the nutrients they are missing. That’s where Stokes Tree Solutions comes in! We’ll help you determine if your tree needs fertilizing.  Symptoms of a nutrient deficient tree include:

  • Smaller than normal foliage
  • Off-color foliage
  • Increased numbers of dead branches
  • Tip-die back in branches
  • Increased rates of disease and insect problems.

Trees that possess these symptoms generally respond to a fertilization treatment. But it is important to make sure that nutrients (or lack of) are the problem before fertilizing.
Other common tree disorders to be aware of in urban areas would include poor planting techniques, moisture problems, construction damage, girdling roots, or utility leaks from a natural gas line or sewer line.

At Stokes Tree Solutions, we can determine the cause of your tree’s symptoms (often a fertilization or root issue) and find the best way to keep your tree healthy and happy. Unlike other companies, we see every landscape as a unique entity. Blanket solutions without careful observation may be the fastest solution, but it is often not the best course of action. It takes a careful eye to make the right diagnosis.

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