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Services: Tree and Plant Landscape Installation

Installing trees, shrubs, and plants is a great way to beautify your property and benefit the environment. In order to ensure that your trees shrubs, and plants thrive, however, there are several important factors to consider that may go unmentioned by some companies.

tree-plantingFor example, the placement of your tree is critical.  Improper soil, too small a space for the height and width of the plant, improper exposure, or a plant introduced outside its native range are all considered poor placement. Before you renovate your landscape or decide to purchase the next tree for your yard, make sure that you’re doing the right thing. At Stokes Tree Solutions, our arborists will advise you on everything related to planting and plant care.  Our company is rooted in a love for the natural world, and planting trees is our favorite thing to do.  However, it must be done with a complete understanding of your environment and the plant’s requirements.

Our technicians will ensure maximum energy savings and minimum maintenance.

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