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Services: Disease Control Efforts

It is important you TRUST the company you hire to maintain your healthy landscape. There are many types of fungus and bacteria that can be present in and among your greenery and some of it is very beneficial but can be easily mistaken for disease, and the same is true for unhealthy bacteria that often resembles healthy. You need a trained eye with years of experience in recognizing Northern Virginia’s unique flora along with the diseases and pests that often inhabit our trees.

Diseases of trees and shrubs may be caused by harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Most often these diseases attack trees that have already been stressed by other factors. It’s often difficult to recognize tree diseases, because the organisms responsible are small and not easily detected in the early disease stages. Once a problem is recognized, the disease is often in an advanced stage, limiting an arborist’s treatment options.

Traditional landscape pest control programs rely on what are called cover sprays. The cover spray type, method, and timing are pre-determined by the pest control company.

In contrast, Stokes Tree Solutions plant health care (PHC) technicians consider the landscape as a whole when deciding how to best care for plants. Our PHC technicians control plant problems through careful monitoring of the landscape environment.  We’ll discuss all of your options for treatment and, unlike other companies, we do not suggest a blanket solution to what may be a complicated problem. Our technicians consider the landscape as a whole when deciding how to best care for plants. Chemical controls may be a part of the solution but they are not necessarily the preferred method of treatment. Because of this, every treatment program at Stokes is customized to fit your property and your expectations.

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